Benefits and Risks of AI on Gen Z

Artificial Intelligence is the defining technology of this generation. Although, it is still in its infancy, it has found applications everywhere, from the living room to the postmaster’s office. Some are even going as far as to call it the greatest invention of this generation.
But what impact is it going to have on the future. Is it going to revolutionize the very way we live, or is it going to be terminator-esk future with robots hunting us down? Although we are quite far from such a predicament, it is important to see the impact of this piece of technology that is soon going to dominate our lives.


The benefits of AI are quite a lot. They will decrease the amount of intensive labor that humans go through. For example, miners. Mining is a dangerous job and miners risk their very life for this with less pay. Robots will perhaps one day take over such tedious tasks, letting humans be more creative and innovative.
AI will also make for better detection and response for disasters. They will be faster than error prone humans and take clear and calculated decisions even in the most stressful environments. Weather predictions will get easier, first responders like medics and firefighters will be better and the list goes on. In short, AI will ease the load on humans, making it easier for us to get on with our lives.

The Risks

AI, with all its advantages and promises of a utopian future, has risks that are not small by any means revolving around it. Yes, terminator is a possibility albeit a distant one. Gen Z might be hunted down like rats but that’s not the larger issue, AI’s taking away their jobs is.
Although, AI will ease the burden and do menial tasks, they are taking it away from those who are already doing them, humans. This is perhaps the biggest risk in the evolution of AI, yes bigger than terminators. There is an underlying fear in the tech community that AI would dominate our workspaces, altogether removing the need for humans in it.
Anything that can be automated will be automated and any hopes the Gen Z have in working in such workplace in the future is nil and cashiers are one such example. That being said, not everybody wants to do menial tasks which is what AI enthusiasts are looking forward to.

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