Difference Between Networking And Programming

Computer networking and computer programming are two completely different fields in software industry. Computer networking involves the connection of multiple computers, routers and other hardware devices, where as programming is way of writing the code using programming languages such as java, c or c++ for them to communicate with server and client.

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Computer networking is the task of connecting and transporting data between a shared medium with multiple hardware devices at once, not only this but also the maintenance, management and operating the software’s and policies. Networking can be done by setting up Local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) using internet. There are two main types of networking namely wired networking and wireless networking. Wired networks are of low cost and more durability, it’s used in homes and small businesses. When it comes to long distant data transmission, optical fiber is used which costs more and have sensible equipment. whereas radio waves are used in wireless networking enabling them to transfer the data through air, it makes multiple devices get connected without using and cables. Wired networks give higher speed and enhanced security and wireless networking has more flexibility and scale.

Both the types of networking require lot of physical infrastructure such as routers, switches, access points and firmware to run all these. Networks have protocols as to how they should be operating and performing, like TCP/IP, it’s a group of protocols that’s responsible for the transportation in an IP-based network.

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Programming is basically the use of semantics and pre-defined rules for coding, simulating and developing solution for a problem on a computer or digital device. For programming algorithms are necessary, without algorithms we can’t program. Programming is giving the computer a set of instructions to follow so that it can achieve the intended results. There are two types of programming languages, Low level programming languages and High-level programming languages respectively. A low-level programming language works more like the way computers work and high-level languages work similar to human mind. Depending on the requirements, the programmer decides which type of language to use for that situation. For more complex tasks high level language is used, and for simple and small tasks low level language is used.

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Networking and programming have multiple differences, one deals with the transfer of data to multiple devices and other is about how the data should look like and work. Both are necessary for the computer to work and produce intended results.

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