Networking Basics For Beginners

Networking is the concept of connecting multiple number of computers in order to transfer data across the network created. Computers are everywhere in this digital era, be it homes, corporate offices, schools, hospitals etc. In order to do networking, we need to make different technologies, protocols and components to work together. In this article we talk about the networking basics and how a beginner can learn networking. Networking can be done in two ways, Home and Corporate networking. Both are similar and the only difference is home networks have 2-20 computers whereas the corporate networking has many thousands.

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Networking can be done in two ways; one is wired networking and another wireless networking. Most networking constitutes both the networks. Wired networking uses Ethernet hub cables to connect with other computers. Whereas wireless networking uses routers and Wi-Fi technology to get connected.

For two or more computers to communicate with each other they require three things, A connection media to connect with other devices. they should have a common language to communicate, that’s called protocol. And finally, a unique address to share data correctly. This unique address is called MAC Address (Media Access Control address). This address is inbuilt in the network cards. This is also called as Ethernet address or Physical address.

Let’s take an example to understand how networking works. Imagine a street having 20 houses and all the houses are numbered, the street connects all the houses. Here the street is the ethernet link and the houses connected to the street are the computers. For large networks there can me multiple streets connected to each other to form network of streets.

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As for the networking protocol, modern network use TCP/IP networking protocol. This protocol has IP addresses which are assigned manually by the admin using DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Mac address is used to send information to all the computers in the network. Computers connected in the network exchange data in form of data frames or data packets. If the data is transferred at data link level, we use frames and when at networking levels we use data packets. We have Ethernet frames and packets for IP. Peer to peer networking and client server networking are the two types of typologies used for connecting large networks.

Networking is an easy concept even for a beginner, it just takes little time and will to learn Networking, but it takes continuous learning and more time to become a pro.

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