Pros and Cons of Introducing Mobile Phones to Infants


Back in the days we didn’t know what mobile phones were let alone use it. Now things have switched to completely different altitude. Kids these days don’t engage themselves in outdoor activities and glue themselves to their mobile phone screens. On the other hand, mobile phones has proved a boon to all of us. Kids have an easy access to whatever they want to watch, be it their favourite rhymes, cartoon shows, animated movies and activity related shows. This helps them in learning and developing their skills and knowledge. Here are the pros and cons of introducing mobile phones to infants, 


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One of the main advantages about introducing mobile phones to infants is that it can expand their creativity and their knowledge. Your kids can watch their most liked animated movies or shows. There are a couple of animated movies and shows that can teach your kids a lot of things. It includes sharing, caring for fellow human beings and animals, love, teamwork and therefore helps your kids in adapting to these things. It can also teach your kids to be more responsible. According to the studies, the use of mobile phones can boost your child’s independence level. Your kid tends to feel more confident and mature as well.


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Not many would prefer to introduce mobile phones to their infants or kids. It becomes addictive. Why blame the kids? We as adults are addicted to our mobile phones. A mobile phone should be considered for emergencies and should be of minimal utilisation. Kids or infants tend to depend or rather they are dependent on it. Few parents even allow their kids to use their mobile phones throughout the day. This isn’t good for their development. They will slowly shut themselves from the world and will only choose to spend time with their phone. It affects their emotional and mental health too. The thin line between a need and a want diminishes as well. Having an unhealthy dependence on technology is a wrong thing. 

This does not mean that you should not introduce mobile phones to your kids or infants. Allot a specific time in a day for phone usage and discuss about it with your kids. It is very important from your side to communicate to your kids, of course in a healthy manner. Avoid giving mobile phones to your kids if you are busy, rather encourage them to play outside. You must also cut down on your phone usage as kids tend to learn from you and follow your actions.     

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