Why You Should Upgrade Your Magento Website

While Magento e-commerce platform allows users to have easy access to applications and other add-one required for the smooth functioning of the website, it is that maintenance that requires quite of an understanding. Magneto being the new generation e-commerce platform has a lot to offer if properly exploited.

While Magento was developed to be the best platform for shop owners online, series of modifications were gradually made to make the platform more and more stable and bug free. Previous versions of Magento like the Magento 1.2, Magento 1.3, Magento 1.4 and Magento 1.5 faced several problems related to shipping, transaction, payment, and order placement and mostly e-commerce bugs. The loopholes that are present in the previous versions have made the subsequent websites vulnerable to hacking and are unsafe. Inevitably, customers find it unsafe to share confidential details in a supposedly out dated e-commerce site and as a result the business loses a lot of revenue and credibility.

While there are several option on the web that promise of an automatic upgrade to a newer version, this is never recommended. During automatic upgrades, several codes are mismatched and this cause problems in the later stages. Thus it is advisable to go for manual upgrades which can only be done by expert and experienced professionals. This again should be done according to the specific needs of your job. So without losing money on sales, going for a Magneto upgrade seems to be a more affordable idea. On the longer run you would end up making a lot more money than you would have done without an upgrade.

Magento customers tend to upgrade their websites with the help of Magento Connect, which is one of the shortest method to get upgraded, but that doesn’t work our 98% of the trials. Either you end up messing the complete database or the whole website. So, it’s always recommend to hire a professional who can handle it with care, and proceed with the database migration and data transfer in order to get everything upgraded, and make sure, all of your old data are intact.

The features that you get with a Magneto version upgrade are Core upgrade, template upgrade, third-party extension upgrade, Magento debugging and quality testing with feedback reports.